Tim K Garrison
Tim K Garrison


I was pleased to receive the "Best Of" award for the second year in a row.


The other award is for a Frank Lloyd Wright - ish house in the Seattle area in 2000 that used a lot of innovative structural concrete.

My engineering specialty is structural analysis. I'm a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.) in California and Washington.


My early career included quite a bit of civil engineering (water, sewer, roads, drainage, land development) as well as structural. In the past ten years, I have narrowed my practice to structural only.


I do 100 +/- jobs a year: residential, commerical, and industrial. About half involve new construction and half are repairs, upgrades, additions, or remodels.


As a consultant, my goal is to save the client money through efficient design. In the world of structural engineering, in most cases more concrete, wood, and steel is not better, it just costs more.


From 2011 - 2016 I was the structural expert on an international team of consultants who traveled all over North America helping big builders get "Lean". Lean means the elimination of waste in business. Essentially anything a customer won't willingly pay for is waste and should be removed from the process. For example: oversized beams, headers, and posts; more concrete and steel than is needed; framing hardware such as holdowns, straps, and clips that will never actually see load; and shear walls that will never resist wind or earthquake forces.


I'm such a proponent of lean, in 2010 I published a book on the subject: Green Framing - An Advanced Framing How-To Guide.


I'm always happy to look at upcoming projects - please contact me if you'd like a proposal.

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