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Voted Skagit County's "Best Structural Engineer", third year running. 


Thank you, valued clients and business associates, for helping me achieve this. It's an honor I don't take lightly.

Tim On TV

I recently taped a couple more TV shows with my brother, Mark, a.k.a. The Garrison Brothers. These are aired on several Bay Area, California TV channels and YouTube.

With over 60 years of combined, real-world construction experience Mark and I encourage the tough issues, tackling questions that only a seasoned professional engineer and battle-tested building contractor are qualified to answer.


* Show #225: Additions, remodels; water in the crawlspace; foundation undermining; cracks in the foundation.


* Show #226: Settlement and underpinning; seismic upgrades; cripple walls; addition of a 2nd floor.

Maximize Profit, Minimize Stress


* Do you own a construction industry-related business?

* Does your compensation - monetary and time off - adequately reward you for the sweat and stress you put in?


Chances are I can help you reap the rewards of business ownership by working smarter not harder.

It's been 15 years in the making and now finally PEARL - How Titans Succeed, my fifth book is here.


This book is for anyone wanting to kick it up a notch - to achieve higher levels. It is a blueprint for success drawn by more than 50 titans, from Disney to Rockefeller to Jobs to Aerosmith to Derek Jeter. PEARL is the foundational, universal truth behind all success.


"A life changing book. I have read quite a few coaching/motivational/self-help books and am generally disappointed by them. Most books of this genre tend to be a little (or a lot) too "new-agey" in my opinion. If I take the time to read a coaching book I want it to be logical, motivational, and provide ideas and methods I can actually apply to my life. PEARL accomplishes all of the above and is a very easy, enjoyable, entertaining read. The mini-biographies of numerous "Titans" were particularly interesting and enjoyable to read. They also demonstrate how using the principals discussed in PEARL lead to success in all facets of one's life. This is one of the very few books I will enjoy picking up and reading again. Five stars."



"Really liked this book!… you do a great job of simplifying what seems complicated to most folks and you break it down to simple terms, I have read many of the books you reference and you do a great job of emphasizing Passion, passion gets the fire going and passion fans the flames, once someone finds that passion they then need to organize the other ingredients and persevere.


Thanks, it has reinvigorated me."

Mike Trafton


This book is available at Amazon.

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