Tim K Garrison, P.E.
Tim K Garrison, P.E.

My Schedule 

I update this at least once a day, M-F, except when out of the office.

Tim's Schedule for:  9/25/23 - 9/29/23:  

Monday, 9/25: In office. 

Tues 9/26 - Mon, 10/9: Out of office. 


Updated: Tues., 9/26/23, 6:34 a.m.  


Approx Backlog:  3 weeks

This is from the Updated date above until I can start a job NOT in the queue. Jobs are entered in the queue only after a signed contract is in place. I usually turn around proposals in one day.  

Current Jobs in Queue 

Jobs are listed here only after a contract is in place.

Small, "fill-in" jobs may not be listed here.

Job Name (address) Desc'r




Est'd Start % Com-plete Waiting On Waiting For...
DP-Mad NRes 24 10/18 0 Arch plans and blanks
12727 NShop 8 10/16 0 - -
2112 Deck 12 ? 0 Owner meeting when in town
4209 NRes 24 10/11 0 Arch plans and blanks
2311 NRes 30 ? 0 Owner financing
13449 Addndm 4 U 10 - -
- - - * - - out of office 9/2 - 10/9
4217 NDeck 1 H 95 Owner payment
13256 Remdl 1 H 95 Owner payment
910 Remdl 0 D 100 Owner


908 Remdl 16 ? 0 Arch plans and blanks
DP-Var Versions 0 D 100 Owner


DP-Mce NRes 0 D 100 Owner payment
30xx NRes 20 ? 0 Arch plans and blanks
515 Barn 16 ? 0 Arch plans and blanks
DF1800A NRes 8 H 50 Arch framing update
4493 Add'n 1 H 95 Arch review draft engr'g
4749 Remdl 2 H 95 Arch incorporate engr'g

Job Name: If a number, that's the project's physical street address. If letters, that's an acronym for a company name, street name, project name, etc. 


The order in the table is generally the order received, most recent at top, but does NOT necessarily reflect the order in the queue due to previous commitments, items not ready, other priorities, etc.


Description: NRes = New Residential building; Re = Remodel / Addition; NMul = New Multifamily building; Deck = Deck repair, addition, or modification; Addn = Addition; Adndm = Addendum; BC = Business Consultation; Fdn = Foundation or retaining wall; Spk = Speaking Engagement; SI = Structural Investigation; SR = Structural Repair. TI = Tenant Improvement.


EHR:  Estimated Hours Remaining = the approximate number of office hours remaining to finish the project. This is just an estimate, mostly for my time management purposes.


Est'd Start:  If a date is listed that's the estimated start date.

Dates with a star, *, are firm. U = Underway. D = Done. H = on Hold.


? = I can't start because I'm waiting on something from Arch or Client. When I receive that needed info I will start as soon as possible, IE these projects keep their position in my queue for approximately a month. If there is no activity on a queued project for over a month, I delete them from my schedule. If they come back they'll have to start over with a new start date. 


Waiting On: Arch = the architect / designer needs to supply me a detail, drawing, or document. Bldr = the builder needs to provide information, document, review, etc. Client or Owner = usually means I'm waiting on the client for a decision or a payment. Jur = I'm waiting on something from the reviewing jurisdiction.


"Blanks" or "Clean plans" are floor plans and foundation plans to scale in pdf format just showing the linework - no dimensions, text, shading, hatching, etc. I use these for structural sketches and base drawings.


"Review draft engr'g" means that the "Waiting on" person has been supplied with my draft engineering plans and needs to look them over to be sure they're in synch with the architectural plans. With this review and approval I then assemble my final structural drawings, seal and distribute them.

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