Tim K Garrison, P.E.
Tim K Garrison, P.E.

Success Coaching

Here is my nutshell philosophy on coaching:


* Coaching is appropriate only for persons with burning, unmet goals. Those happy with status quo and / or a "default life" probably would not find it worthwhile.


*  The purposes of coaching are twofold:


            - Accelerate learning. Coaching enlightens with knowledge that otherwise takes decades to acquire.


            - Tear down obstacles holding you back. Coaching provides the necessary motivation and inspiration to achieve higher and higher levels. It unleashes your full potential.


* No matter how much you know, there is always room to learn more. Knowledge is what separates you from your competition.


* It is sometimes beneficial for a coach to not be an expert in your bailiwick, particularly if the main purpose of coaching concerns tearing down obstacles.


* Motivation is an ongoing process – you’re never finished giving or getting it.


*  Success lives outside your comfort zone. You can’t reach your goals unless  hardship is involved. The cost of coaching is supposed to be uncomfortable.


* We don’t value what’s free. That is why advice from friends and family is just that – advice: not likely to be trusted or acted upon.


* A good coach will charge a fee on par with other high-end professionals: in the several hundred dollars per hour range. The coaching contract can be lump sum with a set time frame, or pay as you go, or any other mutually suitable arrangement.


* You are not paying for “an hour of a coach’s time.” You’re paying for a lifetime of their experience and knowledge.


* A good coach will be as picky about choosing a client as the client is choosing a coach.


* A good coach’s primary objective is not the money, it is to serve in a deep, caring way.


* All coaching relationships require full-disclosure, open-book trust.


* A good coach will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. The relationship may sometimes be contentious and uncomfortable. Again, no pain, no gain.


* Each coaching relationship is different. Sometimes the duration is short, sometimes months or years long.


* The first session should be free and at least two hours long. From that, each person can decide whether or not the synergy is there to continue.


* There should never be pressure to establish or continue a coaching relationship.


If you are a driven person with burning unmet goals, are willing to do what it takes, and agree with the above, perhaps I can serve you. Please contact me, indicating a little about yourself and what you wish to accomplish.


Thank you and best wishes!


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