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Tim K Garrison, P.E.

Seminar Instructor and Speaker

Presenting "Maximum PIE" to management group, Reno, 2015.


Quite simply I think this is the best training my staff has received, ever.

-Mike Sharp, Owner, HMS, Inc. on Maximum PIE - Winning in Business.

Following are presentations that are "in the can" and ready to go at a moment's notice. Any of these can be modified for a group's specific need.


Please contact me to discuss a presentation for your group or company.

Maximum PIE - Winning in Business: Happily Maximizing Profit in a Small or Medium-Sized Company

Profit is the life blood of any company, yet it's supremely difficult to come by. This presentation discusses the whys and what to dos to maximize profit while enjoying every day.


It's based on 15 years of research and study of contemporary business gurus such as Covey, Deming, Collins, Gladwell, Gerber, Beckwith, Maxwell, and Levinson; as well as my own experience as a multi-business owner, and well-travelled business consultant.


Maximum PIE testimonials:


"Thank you, Tim, for a great lesson yesterday.  As we continue to strive to become that A+ company & employer I find it valuable to have days like yesterday for our people to come together, brain storm, discuss our challenges and strengths as well as absorb valuable information."

- Tina Chipponeri, President, HMS, Inc.


"I always learn from Tim, I think his insight and experience brings invaluable information to us each time he’s here. I really appreciate HMS’s effort to make us all the best we can be, both personally and as a company!


"Thank you [company president] for giving us this powerful tool.  Already looking forward to next time."

- Kathy Watts, Branch Manager, HMS, Inc.


Download free pdf versions:

Table of Contents Max PIE 10-27-17.pdf
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Ch 1 Max PIE - Defining the Problem 10-2[...]
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Ch 2 Max PIE - Leadership 10-27-17.pdf
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Ch 3 Max PIE The Right People 10-27-17.p[...]
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Ch 4 Max PIE Culture 10-27-17.pdf
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Ch 4-1Max PIE Team 10-27-17.pdf
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Ch 4-2 Max PIE Quality 10-27-17.pdf
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Ch 4-3 Max PIE Integrity 10-27-17.pdf
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Ch 5 Max PIE Maximize Income 10-27-17.pd[...]
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Ch 6 Max PIE Minimize Expense 10-27-17.p[...]
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Ch 7 Max PIE Marketing 10-27-17.pdf
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Ch 8 Max PIE Change 10-27-17.pdf
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This is the entire presentation. The above links are for individual sections only.
Max PIE - All Audiences Full Presentatio[...]
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Titans Teach - Success Lessons From the Greats

This is the sister presentation to Tim's book, PEARL - How Titans Succeed. It is targeted to all who thirst for personal success, regardless of how humble or grandiose. Each of the elements: Passion, Effort, Ability, Risk, and Luck is discussed using actual examples from titans such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Steve Martin, Milton Hershey, Walt Disney, Sam Walton and others.

Ice Cream From Sawdust - How To Revvv Your Business In A Down Economy

In a down economy you have two advantages: time and purchasing power. This presentation, geared for management, digs deeply into marketing, drawing heavily on concepts by Levinson and Beckwith, as well as Tim's actual experience running consulting and software companies. Discussion includes: step zero - personal mission statement; short and long term goals; what is A+ and why is it so important; the critical role of failure; beginning with marketing in mind; what makes marketing work; what marketing doesn't work; the role of pricing; luck; efficiency; persistence.

(The Ridiculous Notion Of) Becoming An Author

Tim discusses the challenges and rewards of being a published author. Topics include: if it's that hard, why bother?; patience - the no. 1 commodity; the things that take way longer than they should; a thick hide - the no. 2 commodity; rejection and how to deal with it; where ideas come from; getting published - the dismal odds; agents; self-publishing; costs; royalties; increasing your odds of success; marketing.

How The Collin Chronicles Came To Be

Tim discusses the origins and process of writing his multi-award-winning young adult novel, The Collin Chronicles - Book 1 - Magic, Bones, and Catacombs. Topics include: self-doubt; plot determination; origin of characters; setting; tackling subjects about which you are not an expert; making it interesting; dialoge; being concise but descriptive; artwork - hired out or by yourself; tracings to final pencil sketches; how plot evolves; how many rough drafts are required; what if someone doesn't like it; how to become a better writer. This presentation is geared for middle school and older future writers.

The World Trade Center - A Structural Engineer's Perspective

9/11/01 will be permanently etched in America's memory. This pictoral traces the World Trade Center towers from their inception to construction to destruction by terrorists. The airplane impacts and the specific mechanisms of collapse are explained in detail. Many rarely seen photos of the impacts and aftermath are included. Presentation closes with lessons learned. Target audience is any group with an interest in construction or engineering

Green Framing Saves Big!

This is the sister presentation to Tim's book, Green Framing - An Advanced Framing How-To Guide. Topics of discussion include: Tim's background as a framer before engineering school; shear walls; holdowns; load path; unnecessary framing lumber; too big beams and columns; useless framing hardware; overdesigned connections; grade of wood; concrete strength.

Basic Structural Concepts For the Non-Engineer

This is the sister presentation to Tim's book, Basic Structural Concepts For the Non-Engineer. Topics of discussion include: building codes; factor of safety; gravity loads; shear, moment, and deflection; lateral loads (wind and earthquake); beams, joists, and rafters; columns, posts, and studs; wood; concrete; steel; foundations; retaining walls; shear walls; horizontal diaphragms.

Structural Repair

This presentation shows many common structural problems in residential and light commercial construction. Proper methods of repair are shown and discussed. Topics include: applicable building code; tricks of the trade; broken or cut trusses; split wood members; notched, cored, or drilled wood members; too small wood members; settled buildings and floors; helical anchors; push piers; screw jacks; cripple walls; foundation connections to shear walls; little or no shear wall; foundation cracks; spalled and broken concrete.

My Kid Played For the Sedro-Woolley Chainsaws - Happily Navigating Little League, High School Baseball, and Beyond

What to expect at each step as your kid moves up the baseball ladder: parent's role; fun and fundamentals; coach's role; little league organizations; bad coaches; select teams; private lessons; showcase tournaments; JUCO ball; college ball; scouts; odds of going pro. Based on actual experience as Tim and his son, Connor, lived through all of the above. This presentation is designed as a fund raiser for any organized youth baseball program.

Please contact me to discuss a presentation for your group or company.

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