Tim K Garrison, P.E.
Tim K Garrison, P.E.

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My first 30 years were spent as a professional engineer. My next 30 will involve less engineering and more business consulting and success coaching.


Tim on TV show, Kapowich On Realty.


Here an unsolicited endorsement from a client to the CEO of another firm:


"You talked about the fact that you bring in motivational business speakers from time to time. I can highly recommend Tim Garrison, the business consultant HMS, Inc. has been using for the past couple of years. The thing I like about Tim is that he fits his “issues” into your organization’s approach – he doesn’t try to make your company fit his ideas, and he doesn’t come in and just start talking to your people – first he listens, then he modifies his talk to fit your organizational approach.  He writes a column for [Builder Magazine] (he is a PE) – so he knows the construction world well.  


I originally brought Tim in to help me train my office managers, as none had ever managed employees before and were struggling with that aspect of the job. He has become a central figure on our company team - advising all levels of employees from rookie techs to upper management.  He has had a phenomenal impact on our company morale and overall culture."

Business Consulting and Success Coaching


In 2000, after twenty-five years in the engineering industry, I began a quest to better understand success. What causes it? How long should it take? Who can expect to achieve it? I studied hundreds of books and articles: Covey, Collins, Gladwell, Hill, Gerber, Maxwell, and others. I devoured dozens of biographies: Getty, Jobs, Walton, Carnegie, Ford, Hershey, Disney, Vanderbuilt, and many, many more.


In 2010 I began consulting with with companies and individuals in multiple states, applying what I'd learned and lived, helping them achieve higher levels of success and greater profit.


Business Consulting


Every company is unique, with its own quirks, personalities, and methods. In business consulting, one size does not fit all - what works for ACME widgets will not necessarily work for ZAPCO widgets. Just like the coach of a professional sports team, a good business consultant studies the players then strives to bring out the best in each.


To determine if business consulting might be right for you, here is an article you'll want to read. 


Click here for some of the specific ways I've helped companies increase profit by working smarter not harder.


Maximize Profit  - Worksheet


Take a quick, free quiz to see your business' profit potential. This takes about five minutes and addresses Management, leadership, business structure / practices, culture, and finances.


The quiz is free - there is no obligation, no signup, no log in. Learn more - go to download page.


Success Coaching




* You are a driven individual who has not achieved your goals

* You have tremendous potential but are having trouble defining or focusing it

* Your path to success is taking way too long


... success coaching may be for you.  Click here to learn more.


The Next Step

If you are interested in a business consulting or success coaching relationship with me, please follow these steps:


* Contact me via this website. Tell me a little about yourself and what you'd like to accomplish.


* Initial consultation is free. I'll spend up to two hours with you to determine if my services are a good fit.


* If it makes sense to proceed, we'll discuss costs and timeframes. I'll then draw up a very simple, one page contract. The contract can be cancelled at any time by either party - it's easy out. There is no sense forcing any relationship.


* That's it. We'll work together as long as necessary and as long as my services are of high value to you.

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