Tim K Garrison, P.E.
Tim K Garrison, P.E.


I'm a multi-award-winning author of five books and 100+ articles published in national magazines. And also a past contributing editor for Builder Magazine.

Currently Writing...


My preferred writing style these days is humor, a-la Dave Barry, David Sedaris, and Patrick McManus. My outlet is my Facebook Page, Uncle Timmus. There I post short pieces a couple or few times a week.


Says fan, Stephanie: "always interesting... mostly gut hurting hilarious".

Levi says: "Garrison is the best content on Facebook."


Please feel free to ask Uncle Timmus a question or  "Like" the Page if it floats your boat. Don't worry, Uncle Timmus is not an over-poster nor contains ads.

My Books


I've always got several books in the works but seldom the time to finish them. So my endearing fans, all 13 of them, will probably have to wait for an economic downturn or my retirement for my next book.


Below are my published books to date.

This book is for anyone wanting to kick it up a notch - to achieve higher levels. It is a blueprint for success drawn by more than 50 titans, from Disney to Rockefeller to Jobs to Aerosmith to Derek Jeter. PEARL is the foundational, universal truth behind all success.


These principles are so simple to understand and apply anyone can learn and put them to use immediately.This book is available at Amazon.

The Collin Chronicles is book 1 of a Young Adult (YA) trilogy. It won two national awards. It is available at Amazon.

This book is a collection of Tim's acclaimed published articles in NAHB's Nation's Building News. It is available at Amazon.

This book, Tim's fouth is all about efficient wood framing methods. It is a byproduct of his consulting work with large builders all over the U.S. as part of a national "Lean Team." It is available at Amazon.

This book explains in plain language structural concepts to non-engineers. Unfortunately I did not professionaly publish this through Amazon, all copies sold were created at a local print shop.


I have discontinued sales of this book.

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