Tim K Garrison, P.E.
Tim K Garrison, P.E.


"Thanks for all you have done for me both personally and professionally with your magic! You have been instrumental in my growth both professionally and personally and I will be forever grateful

- Tina Chipponeri, President, HMS, Inc.


"You have been great to work with, and I appreciate you making time to work with us in our short time frame! This probably won't be our last project, so I'm sure you'll hear from us again. :)

-Emily Klesick (2017 engineering client)


“Tim’s approach of fitting his methods into my company’s systems has improved moral and efficiency here at HMS, Inc. For five years before Tim starting helping us we had a steady profit level of between eight and ten percent. In the three years since Tim has come on board, our profit level has averaged between fourteen and sixteen percent.

-Mike Sharp, Owner, HMS, Inc., Modesto, CA


"Tim, thank you so much! You have been a help at least for this struggling designer. But I'm pretty confident that you have touched the lives of at least one or two other people. :o)  I was very active in design until around 2005 when my health started to go. I was a "clean living guy" but things started happening to my spine and nervous system so that I had to limit /stop working. At one point I couldn't walk any more. About 10 years, 9 surgeries and 2 brushes with death later I'm back in the saddle again. 

Taking things slow. 

Thank you for your kindness, it won't go unnoticed in the end."


- (Customer at Tim's other website, BuildersEngineer.com, who appreciates outstanding customer service and wealth of free info posted there.)


"Tim could really help us, if we have access to him. When will he start/be available for us?"


"Tim has great ideas, and teaches them well."


"Tim gets your own managers and your own employees to identify what the problems and issues are within your company. He then empowers them, through the use of his direct experience and case studies, to determine the best path forward for your company, your situation and your people."


“Tim is able to keep our staff on track and focused on creating plans and goals to grow in our leadership roles.”


"Stayed on point and got to some answers (two things we rarely do or get to, for various reasons), but maintained a sense of humor."

- Attendees to Tim's presentation of Maximum PIE in Reno, Oct. 2015.



“This is fantastic!!!!  So much incredible, usable information. Thanks so much, Tim. You are a treasure.”

-Denise Dersin, Editor In Chief, Builder Magazine on Tim's article, "Save Me $2,000 Or  No Soup For You!"



“Quite simply I think this is the best training my staff has received, ever.”

-Mike Sharp, Owner, HMS, Inc. on The Titans Teach—Lessons From the Greats.



“Tim, I just wanted you to know that I think your column is the most valuable content in the NAHB's weekly e newsletter [Nation’s Building News]. ”

-Patrick McCombe, Editor, Builder Magazine, Journal of Light Construction, and other Hanley Wood Magazines.



“Tim--I love reading your articles. You're funny, the pieces are well-composed, and your personality shows through. Add to that, you know what you're talking about and I enjoy the topics you pick. Keep it up.”

-Mark Clement, Executive Editor, Tools of the Trade Magazine.



“I loved this book. The content is great, the writing style is relaxed yet speaks with authority — and it cracked me up on many occasions. I learned something on every page. Teaching technical lessons in a fun way is a gift that probably 3 engineers on the planet have — and Tim Garrison is one of them. Highly recommended.”

-Scott Sedam, True North Development, Inc., on Cracks, Sags and Dimwits.



"I really enjoyed your talk at the OHC retreat [Oklahoma Home Centers]. Your common sense approach is refreshing to say the least."

-Mike Gilles, retreat attendee.



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